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BAKAINDI (Ancestors)
BAKAINDI (Ancestors)







Bakaindi (Ancestors)

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Jah Nation (single)

TUSEKELELE (Let’s Celebrate)

Mostly up-beat, but as politically concerned as it is celebratory; Tusekelele feels like a lot of thought went into it.

The many layers of percussion don’t derail the solid flow of the songs, nor does Maluma sit back and coast on the wake of his horn section, as many vocalists of this style tend to. For these and many other reasons, Tusekelele is one of the most impressive albums of 2009, and definitely one of the most bombastic albums to be associated with African music, of the last few years at least.

Awesome stuff from start to finish.

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Makani Angu (My Story)

Larry’s 8th album was released in January 2005 to rapturous applause and is being touted as his finest album to date.The new album is a watershed in his long established career. Makani angu is smothered in deep roots, hypnotic rhythms, tribal beats and a waterfall of percussion. This album will confound expectations, delight diehard listeners and convert the un-initiated.

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Roots & Herbs

Larry Maluma’s growth as a songwriter and singer is unmistakable on this album ‘Roots and Herbs’. His previous releases gained critical acclaim and many of his songs reached the top of the national charts in his homeland. He is back from another trip with more brilliant ideas captured on this album. On “Roots & Herbs” Larry sings in a combination of English and African languages. Like most of his previous releases, Maluma records with some of Australia’s best musicians to create a combination of words like magic.

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I Am Breathing

(Lord Help Me – Remix) 2001

I am breathing is the lead off track and first single from Larry Maluma’s 7th album “Roots & Herbs”. The song has been reworked and transformed into and exciting cool roots tribal trance track titled the “Lord Help Me” remix. The track was remixed by Simon Polinski, who has worked such talented musicians as Paul Kelly, David Bridie, Telek and Yothu yindi. Larry Maluma has been working again. He is talking. Listen up. The “Lord Help Me’ remix is out through Safari Music.


Nuff is Enough

Larry Maluma is joined by some of the best musicians in Australia to present 13 tracks of calypso/reggae/ska and funk. As befits this type of music the usual issues are addressed, namely, racial harmony, equality and social unity. The moodier lyrical pieces are offset by tracks such as “I want some more” with its ska backbeat and “Market Place” which presents a more upbeat vibe. Other tracks include “Gaula” – a song which Larry refers to as African bluesish which is sung in his native tongue, the jaunty dancehall calypso of “Drop Kick”, the rocksteady “Every Possie” and the heavy dub of “Possie Dub”. Bruce Haymes’ keyboards, along with Larry’s deep emotive voice, which effectively conveys the lyrical sentiments, are highlights.

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Man & Woman


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“Hallelujah was produced partly in Australia and partly in Zambia. The trip back to his homeland was a great source of inspiration for this musician. Many of the songs were written about traditional African culture and values; they are sung in a combination of English, Bemba and Nyanja. The resulting unique sound has put his albums at the top of the charts in Zambia. Many of the songs on Hallelujah have a strong moral flavour, stressing the importance of family and traditional values; for instance, “Kalindawalo” has the message that material wealth and a powerful social position mean very little if you don’t have the support of a large and loving family.”
(Reviewed by Loretta Asquini and Katrina Newton)

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Dance Remix
Punzisani Aana 2 (Teach The Children) 3 Track EP

Punzisani Aana 2 / Dance Remix

Punzisani Aana 2 is a 3 Track EP released in 2010. The first track, Punzisani Aana is a dance remix rerecorded in Zambia in 2009. The song is from the album called Man & Woman released in 1993. The second track is a live version of Mbuli Ciyuni (Like a Bird) from the album, Tusekelele (Let’s Celebrate) released in 2009. The EP ends with an original recording of Chakolwa which was first released in Zambia in 1984 as a 12 inch single. This was Larry Maluma’s first smash hit.

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This is Larry Maluma’s first album to be released in Australia in 1987. A video of one of the track called Black and White was aired on Rock Arena (ABC) Rage (ABC) and Nomad (SBS). Walila, one of the tracks sung in nyanja (a Zambian language)  became a hit in Zambia following the release of the album.


One Man’s Poison

In 1989 Maluma releases his second album. The title track was performed live on Countdown Revolution (ABC).


Larry Maluma original 1993 'Man & Woman' T/shirt
Larry Maluma original 1993 ‘Man & Woman’ T/shirt










Larry Maluma original 1993 'Man & Woman' T/shirt

 Larry Maluma original 1993 ‘Man & Woman’ T/shirt